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Hello, I'm Matthew B. Saeger
Experienced UNIX Administrator, Data Analyst, Web Developer, Network Engineer, and IT Consultant

About Me

Hi, my name is Matt, and I like all things UNIX, Web Development, Network Engineering, and Big Data. I have two Australian Shepard's (yes they're as crazy as the stereotype) and I've lived in Pittsburgh my whole life. However I love to travel - especially to visit Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles . I worked for Apple in college and am subsequently a complete Apple Geek. You can usually find me jet skiing on a lake on the weekends (that crazy guy going way faster than anyone should). Keeping it cloudy since 2017! I'm also a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Alumni for '12 '13 '15 '16 '17!
UNIX Systems and Network Administrator

Network & Server Administrator - WAN, LAN, WiFi, Firewall, Cisco, Mesh Networking, Design and implement large and small scale networks. Web Hosting, Database Administration, Very skilled with RHEL server, and Mac OS X environments.

Suggest and design solutions to inefficiencies and security flaws. Design, implement and manage tech projects for local businesses.

Personal Info
Name Matthew B. Saeger
DOB August, 13th
Address 86 Sierra Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15239
Phone +1 412.818.9634


As a certified AWS Developer, AWS Solutions Architect, and AWS SysOps Administrator as well as an experienced Systems and Network Administrator in designing and maintainingon premise and cloud-based hosts, I am looking for a career to take advantage of my current knowledge in the cloud, networking, UNIX administration and data analytics through various business intelligence tools.

Professional Experience

  • Cloud Systems Developer - Cloudreach, Inc.

    Systems Engineering Systems Development

    Utilize cloud providers such as AWS in order to migrate clients' in-houseinfrastructure and applications to the cloud as well as optimize those applications to ensure that they are deployed with hardened security and best practice in mind.

    By means of automation, provision and update resources, roles, policies, and network infrastructure.

    Use proprietary software, as well as troposphere and CloudFormation in order to automate cloud deployments.

    Work with IAM Users/Roles, AutoScaling Groups, EC2 Instances, ELB's/ALB's, S3 Buckets and VPC's in order to meet project specifications.

    Create and utilize fully automated CI build and deployment infrastructure and processes for multiple projects.

    Create, consume and manage GitLab repositories with embedded continuous integration scripts to test and deploy changes.

    Manage and deploy GoCD pipelines to manage compliant machine images in AWS.

    Develop and implement solutions enabling Development and Operations teams to build, deploy, monitor and test applications within the cloud environment.

    Configure and use of AWS native monitoring solutions such as CloudWatch and CloudTrail within client applications.

  • IT Applications Developer - The Bank of New York Mellon

    Data Analytics Applications Development

    Work on the Data Analytics team within the Internal Audit department in order to automate, develop models and build visualizations based upon large and blended data sources in order to analyze and recognize valuable trends in data.

    Utilize programs such as Alteryx and Tableau in order to gather, blend, and manipulate large amounts of data from multiple data sources - consisting of anywhere from excel spreadsheets to Oracle, MySQL databases, and other data warehouses.

    Utilize the enterprise-supported virtual machine platform to create necessary hosted resources for the Data Analytics team.

    Develop department-wide data warehouse and an online, self-service environment for visualization and reporting tools.

    Deploy SQL Server to support data warehousing and development initiatives.

    Deploy Alteryx server to automate data gathering and blending from various sources in order to support continuous monitoring initiatives.

    Utilize Tableau server in order to widely deploy dashboards with both live data connections and data extracts to the department.

  • Technical Advisor - Apple Inc

    Customer Service Mentoring

    Worked with and mentored colleagues in order to increase the team performance baseline.

    Created internal training and procedural documentation for emerging issues.

    Understood customers and provided them with troubleshooting steps to reach the best possible resolution.

  • Systems & Network Administrator / CEO - Matthew Saeger Networks, Inc.

    Systems and Network Administration Web Design IT Consulting

    Design, implement and manage hosted server applications on a VMWare ESXi and RHEL Architecture.

    Provide effective and functional web designs to customers that meet their business/personal needs.

    Schedule, coordinate and deploy server configuration with automated scripts.

    Plan and build redundancy and backup procedures into existing systems to eliminate downtime.

    Setup network infrastructure capable of handling excessive bandwidth required by services.

    IPv6 Networking Hurricane Electric Internet Services
  • Manager / Trainer - HMS Host Corporation (Host Marriott)

    Customer Service Mentoring Management

    Administered daily operations duties to ensure productivity and operation ran efficiently and profitably.

    Supervised employees of approximately 15 individuals and support general manager.

    Managed inventory and procure products necessary for day to day operations.

    Provided exceptional customer service to patrons and ensure satisfaction.

    Trained new associates for new store opening.

  • Editor - TheGamerAccess.com

    Writing Publicity

    Gaming and Technology News, Reviews, and Previews

    The Adventures of Tintin and Uncharted 3: Who Inspired Who?Link to Article


  • Pennsylvania State University

    Bachelors Degree Information Sciences and Technology Penn State
    Minor in Security and Risk Analysis Penn State
    Recognized by CNSS (via NSA and DHS) as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense.
    Dual-Enrolled student during senior year of high school

    Project Management Simulation Software research and recommendationIST 440W
    Poverty Data Analysis on an International, National, State and Local levelsIST 421


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

    Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate

    Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

    Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

    Amazon Web Services


Some examples of my previous work, you can visit the respective sites by clicking on the preview. Graphic design examples available upon request

Contact Me

You can contact me via email or phone with a request for any further information Thank you!

   86 Sierra Drive Pittsburgh,
PA 15239, USA

  + 1 412 818 9634